Our Story

The Wild Shepherdess began in 2018 when Harriet Foster-Thornton made the move from London to her family arable farm in Lincolnshire.

Four months later, the first-generation sheep farmer acquired four Suffolk sheep for her 21st birthday. Weeks passed and, Harriet purchased 50 orphaned lambs of which needed feeding every four hours (in between her full time marketing job!).

Harriet started sharing her photos along with her farming highs and lows on social media and after seeing her own sheepskins go to waste once meat boxed, a spark was lighted.

Diversification for The Wild Shepherdess began in 2021 by focussing on the by-products of British sheep with a strong belief in trying to use every part of an animal possible.

With farming in her blood, a lot of hard work, creativity and passion for agriculture, the rest as they say is history.

Flock Together

The Wild Shepherdess brings together a collection of luxury, ewe-nique British brands with a prime focus and use of, British sheep by-products from sheepskins to wool to lanolin.

Luxury, top quality products brought to you by The Wild Shepherdess from British farms.

We have also curated a selection of farm themed gifts for every occasion.


British Products

Stay Wild xox

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Based in North Lincolnshire

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