Suffolk Sheep Felted Soap – Little Beau Sheep X The Wild Shepherdess Collaboration


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Suffolk Sheep Felted Soap

Little Beau Sheep X The Wild Shepherdess Collaboration

Felted soap – Suffolk sheep lanolin soap bar and flannel in one, naturally exfoliating and antibacterial.

The wool does the scrubbing, the soap does the bubbling. So make sure they stay together for a bath time experience like no other.

Anti-bacterial and biodegradable, this combo just keeps giving!

This felted soap is enriched with pure lanolin and wrapped in 100% natural wool. The wool acts as a soap saver and the soap lathers through it. The wool continues to shrink and felt to the soap with use so the soap last a lot longer than an un-felted bar. All you are left with at the end is a small ball of wool that is completely biodegradable. The wool is natural, undyed Herdwick wool and is gently exfoliating on the skin, it’s like having a soap bar and flannel all in one. It will not slip out your hand as easily as an ordinary bar and does not hold germs due the natural antibacterial properties of wool. It’s a fun and woolly way to wash, the perfect soap for children and adults alike!

This listing is for a Suffolk sheep soap (white with a black face). The Suffolk was first recognised as a pure breed in 1810. Suffolk are widely distributed in most of the sheep-producing countries throughout the world. Made with British wool from British sheep.

LITTLE BEAU SHEEP products are lovingly made in the heart of Yorkshire from wool from British sheep breeds.




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